Sunday, July 22, 2012

Smokey Eye {Pinterest Re-Create}

I pinned this picture from Pinterest and was inspired to recreate
 a similar look using my Naked Palette.  
I have yet to do a look with the blue eyeshadow in that palette,
called Gunmetal.  Her eyeshadow color is a little more vibrant than mine but I loved the application of hers.

Of course when I decided to do this it was late
and I have horrible lighting.
But this look was fun to do because I don't usually go for such a
bold color.  It looked a lot darker and bluer in person.  

 In different lighting....need to get some kind of studio lighting.
In the Naked palette I used 3 colors,
Virgin (hightlight), Buck (contour), and Gunmetal (contour & outer "V").

 I applied my makeup as usual, only adding in some contouring under the cheekbone and lining the inner rim of my eye.  This was what my vanity looked like mid-application.

{you can see the Gunmetal eyeshadow in the palette on the far right}

I posted all of these pictures and realized that I did not put on mascara.  What?!!  How did I forget that?
So here is two taken last minute with mascara, I didn't go crazy because all I can think about is what a pain this is going to be to take off!!

 Well that was fun, time to go scrub my face!!