Tuesday, July 31, 2012

How to...{brows}


Today I will show you how to shape and fill in your eyebrows.  You will need the following:

Small scissors
Facial razor (optional)
Spooly brush
Eyebrow powder or pencil
Brow Definer brush

First Step:  Brush brows up with spooly brush.  If hairs are long you can use the small scissors to cut the hairs.

Second Step:  Before tweezing find the perfect shape of the brow by taking the end of the spooly brush and laying it against the side of the nose to find where the brow should begin.  It may be helpful to mark this area with an eyeliner pencil.

{follow the next three pictures to demonstrate how to find the perfect shape of your brows}

Next lay the spooly brush on the edge of the nose at an angle, following the angle through the pupil to find 
your perfect arch.

Last angle the spooly brush at the end of your eye to find the perfect end point to your brow.  It may be helpful to mark this area with an eyeliner pencil.

Third  Step:  This is the time that you would want tweeze any stray hairs starting below the brow following your perfect shape that you created using the spooly brush.  Try to avoid tweezing above the brow.  I use a facial razor to remove hairs in between brows.

Fourth Step:  To fill in brows use either a pencil or a powder.  I use the Brow Sculpting powder & wax from my cosmetics line along with my Brow Definer brush.

Using the Brow Definer brush the powder from the beginning to the end of the brow paying attention to the arch.  After you have filled in the brow with the powder, next dip your brush into the wax and brush along the brow to set the powder.

Fifth Step:  Set your eyebrows with a Brow Scultping Gel in clear.

And that's it, your perfect eyebrow!!

Here is my Before & After, you can see my eyebrow on the right is filled in.

And the After.  All filled in and ready to go!

Please let me know if you have any questions.  
Also, I am available for eyebrow shaping and consultations,
you can email me at 
to set up an appointment.

I'm back!! {a little bit of everything}

  So I had this idea to become the go to person for all of your makeup questions.  Whether it is about color or application or a product that you want to use but you don't know how, email me your questions and I will give the answers to help you through your makeup journey.  I want to help take the scary out of makeup.

You can email me at kimporter@makeupbykimporter.com and I will also put a link at the top.  Anytime, any question, I will help you along the way.

So we are back from our vacation.  
I kept busy on the 10 hour car ride to Tennessee by reading the August 2012 issue of Instyle magazine.

I have seen a lot of these lip stick pencils lately, these are from Pixi and
were in the Beauty Deals & Steals article.  

They remind me of the Color Sticks that I am carrying for my Kim Porter cosmetics line.  These chubby pencils glide on like a gloss and condition lips with Vitamin C & E.  They are great because they are easy but deliver a better color payoff than most lipglosses alone.

{colors from left to right:  Rose, Carousel, Cordial, Belle, Vintage, Brandy}

 In Townsend, Tennessee where we were glamping, my husband and I stopped in a locally owned shop called, Dog'wood mall.   The owner and I got to talking and he is from where I live, in Virginia Beach.  Small world!!  He saw me admiring the turquoise jewelry and said that it has been seen all over the fashion world and was really popular right now.  Well I didn't need much convincing when I tried this ring on.

Later that day I read this article in the Instyle magazine.  I guess the owner was right!!

On our vacation we were totally "glamping" {glamour + camping} in our air conditioned cabin, totally equipped with a kitchen.  We were right on the Little River and even took the kiddos tubing in it.  Fun times for all!

 Our Cabin

The Little River

Cades Cove

  These pictures were taken in Cades Cove.  It's an amazing view and abundant wild life, we saw tons of deer and occasionally you can see a black bear.   If you've never been to visit the Great Smoky Mountains, I definitely recommend it.

Monday, July 23, 2012


I will be on vacation with my family for the next week.  I will leave you with these beautiful pictures from Pinterest.  

Sunday, July 22, 2012

Smokey Eye {Pinterest Re-Create}

I pinned this picture from Pinterest and was inspired to recreate
 a similar look using my Naked Palette.  
I have yet to do a look with the blue eyeshadow in that palette,
called Gunmetal.  Her eyeshadow color is a little more vibrant than mine but I loved the application of hers.

Of course when I decided to do this it was late
and I have horrible lighting.
But this look was fun to do because I don't usually go for such a
bold color.  It looked a lot darker and bluer in person.  

 In different lighting....need to get some kind of studio lighting.
In the Naked palette I used 3 colors,
Virgin (hightlight), Buck (contour), and Gunmetal (contour & outer "V").

 I applied my makeup as usual, only adding in some contouring under the cheekbone and lining the inner rim of my eye.  This was what my vanity looked like mid-application.

{you can see the Gunmetal eyeshadow in the palette on the far right}

I posted all of these pictures and realized that I did not put on mascara.  What?!!  How did I forget that?
So here is two taken last minute with mascara, I didn't go crazy because all I can think about is what a pain this is going to be to take off!!

 Well that was fun, time to go scrub my face!!


Makeup Lesson {Kim & Carrie}

  This weekend, two of my good friends came by for quick makeup lessons.  The first is my friend Kim, we played with pink and purples for her makeup.  

The next is my friend Carrie, she recently went from blonde to brunette so her makeup colors needed to change with her hair color.  The first look that she did was her "5 Minute Makeup".  Carrie works full time so she needs a quick and painless makeup routine in the morning!  I taught her how to use a dark brown eyeshadow as eyeliner by wetting an eyeliner brush.  

Her last look was more of her night look by adding in black eyeliner 
close to the lash line and more blush.

We had fun, can't wait to do it again!!

Saturday, July 21, 2012

Before & After {Jessi}

  My sister came over last night to purchase some of my products, a creme blush, invisible blotting powder, and brow sculpt powder and gel.  She ended up leaving with a glamorous new look and a new foundation.

This is her before:

We wanted to do something different from her normal makeup,
every girl loves a smokey eye!!

Jessi checking out her pictures.

We liked the smokey eye but we wanted to really add glamour and impact.  I went straight for the matte black eyeshadow and darkened her eyebrows.  This is what it looked like...
helloooo glamorous, sexy eyes!!!

Products used to create this look:

Retexturizing Face Primer SPF 20
Matte Foundation
Creme Blush
Invisible Blotting Powder
Brow Sculpt powder & gel
Urban Decay Naked Palette 1 & 2
Black eyeliner
L'Oreal Voluminous mascara
Matte powder for face contouring
Powder Blush
Super Gloss