Thursday, August 23, 2012 line or not to line

So I have mixed feelings about lining the inner rim of the eye, also know as the waterline.  Sometimes I think it makes me look tired, but then sometimes I want a smokey look and it looks great, and adds the drama that I want.  The reason that I wanted to do a blog post about this is that I am seeing this makeup technique done a lot lately.  I've recently seen a lot of brides doing it and Mila Kunis was sporting it on 
the August 2012 cover of Glamour magazine.  

This makeup technique really calls attention to the eyes.
Sometimes it's great for a bride to add drama, especially if they have the features for it.  

Makeup by Kim Porter
Photographed by Eleise Theuer

Makeup by Kim Porter
Photographed by Keith Cephus

Sometimes it is so stunning and necessary, especially for something
like a boudoir session, as was the case for this makeup.  
It is show stopping and sexy. 

Flawless Faces, Inc.

But is it right for your wedding day?  

I think that unless you have the eyes to pull it off, maybe not.
You should consider your eye shape, the size of your eyes,
and the look that you are trying to achieve.
Remember, you will be looking at your wedding photos for the
rest of your life,
consider against doing anything that would date your look, 
you always want to look classic and timeless.

My feeling for bridal makeup is first and foremost the
skin must be flawless.
Glowing cheeks to give the blushing appearance and
then pick your best or favorite feature, either your eyes or your lips
and enhance them to make you, your most beautiful.

The last thing you want on your wedding day is to have small,
tired looking eyes.
Or maybe even worse, dark heavily lined that make you look like you
have two black sockets instead of bright and beautiful eyes.

Case it point Amanda Seyfriend .
Maybe this would work for a girl's night out...

I definitely think there is a time and a place for heavily lined eyes,
I'm just not sure that it's always right for a bride...
unless of course you're Kim Kardashian!!

Last night I did a makeup tutorial on lining the inner rim.  
You can find it on my YouTube channel here.

 Before:  lightly lined eyes and eyeshadow lining the bottom lashes.

I have large eyes, so adding liner on the inner rim doesn't close them off, but sometimes I do feel that it makes my eyes look tired, especially if I have a lot of eyeshadow on.

So that's it.  Like I said, I don't think there are really hard and fast rules
for this, but I recommend playing around with lining versus not lining,
to see what works best for you.  

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