Monday, October 15, 2012

Eyeshadow Look

  Yesterday I was going to the new Target in our area, (right next to Kohl's, I may never leave!) and wanted a makeup look that was natural but still pretty.  I came up with this grouping.  The Rosy Tan is a polychromatic eyeshadow that is shimmery and wears so pretty on the lid.  The Cedar eyeshadow is matte and is the perfect shade for a crease color.  The Truffle is a darker matte shadow that is great for that outer corner, and I used a Smokey brush for the perfect placement.  To take this look to the next level, I would add in a silver highlight to the brow bone and inner tearduct, and add in more of the Truffle eyeshadow to the outer corner and lower lashline to smoke it up a bit.

  The 3 eyeshadow palette is something new I will be carrying on top of the Face, Cheek, and Eye palette that I already carry.  It is perfect for creating easy day time looks and using the darker shadow to transition to a night time look.

Smokey brush:

Please let me know if you have any questions, I love to hear from you!!

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