Friday, September 21, 2012

How To...{Gel Eyeliner}

It's Friday night, so what's a girl to do?!  Play with eyeliner!!!

I have the Smashbox gel eyeliner.  I bought it because the lady 
at Sephora told me it was the best and I bought 
an angled liner brush to apply it with.  
I used the eyeliner, I tried to love it, but I never really did.  
I know some makeup artists swear by it, but I found it to be cakey, 
to skip over the skin, and to flake when trying to build the liner.
Not to diss on Smashbox, because I love their products, 
but I just didn't love their gel liner.  
I tried hard to love it because regular 
eyeliner doesn't always stay true black and 
it doesn't give a good winged liner look, 
liquid looks great but it's hard to use.
Ever try putting liquid eyeliner on a bride who keeps 
trying to turn her head to answer a question??

Recently I haven't even been able to use the Smashbox gel eyeliner 
because it dried up and hardened to the point that it was unusable.
Sooo tonight I was in the grocery store looking around and spotted this
Maybelline Lasting Drama gel eyeliner in blackest black.
It was $7.99.

It even came with a brush!!!

It was very creamy and soft looking.

I pinned this the other day, I thought it was a good breakdown on 
how to achieve a winged liner.
(My makeup Pinterest page 

 Start with the before:

One difference from the above Pinterest breakdown 
is I connected the top and the bottom eyeliner.
I don't always do this but I wanted to try something a little different.

The easiest way to create a thick liner line is to use the flat side 
of the brush from the outer corner and 
make the line thinner as you go to the inside of the eye.
It is quicker than trying to build the line using the thin side of the brush.

...this is what a Friday night looks like around here!

Another cool picture from my Pinterest makeup page.

Have a great weekend!

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